Operational bulletins

Restriction on Power Banks Containing Lithium Ion Batteries    06/22/17

Effective immediately, United Cargo will implement a restriction on the acceptance and carriage of supplemental power units ("power banks") containing lithium ion batteries. Power banks are portable devices containing one or more lithium batteries designed to charge consumer devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

This restriction is due to a recent clarification by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the reclassification of these units. These devices were formerly classified as "UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries packed with or contained in equipment" and were acceptable for carriage on United and United Express aircraft. The DOT has clarified that power banks must be classified as "UN3480, Lithium Ion Batteries."

In their clarification, the DOT noted that the presence of certain accessories embedded in the power bank -- such as flashlights, LED power meters or charge indicators -- does not impact the classification of these devices as UN3480. Since United has restricted the acceptance and carriage of all UN3480 shipments since early 2015, power bank devices will no longer be accepted by United Cargo.

Please note that this reclassification and restriction impacts power bank devices only. United continues to accept UN3481 lithium ion batteries packed with or contained in equipment.

Thank you for your cooperation with this restriction. As always, our primary concerns when transporting dangerous goods are the safety of our customers, our customers' shipments and the environment. To learn more about United Cargo's service for the transport of dangerous goods, please contact your local United Cargo Sales professional.

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