Operational bulletins

New Process for Temperature and Battery Readings in GRU    04/08/19

United Cargo is advising our customers that effective April 10, 2019, the process for reading temperatures and battery levels of TempControl shipments in CSafe, va-Q-tec, Sonoco, SkyCell and Envirotainer units in Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport (GRU) will change.

Per Brazilian government regulations, all temperature-controlled air cargo arriving into GRU is stored in a designated area of the TECA GRU cargo warehouse. Due to warehouse policy changes, United Cargo will no longer have access to this area to obtain temperature and battery readings for active TempControl shipments being stored in GRU.

Please note that the United TempControl Tower will continue to provide temperature and battery readings, per our SOPs, at all other points during shipment transit. This change applies only to shipments being stored at GRU.

Customers who wish to receive temperature and battery readings for TempControl shipments stored in GRU should send a request to the TECA GRU cargo warehouse through the GRU Airport site: http://cms.gru.com.br/EXTCMSWEB.

Questions about the reading process may be directed to the GRU Customer Care Center for Cargo (CAC):
-- Via phone at: (55) (11) 2445 5000 or
-- Via email to: gruairport-cargas-cac@gru.com.br

Questions or requests for clarification regarding this policy change may be directed to your United Cargo TempControl Sales professional.

Thank you for your understanding of this change, and thanks as always for your support. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality temperature-controlled shipping service to and from GRU.

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