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Change in Free Storage Period Policies Effective July 1    05/29/19

United Cargo recently completed a review of storage policies in our hubs and other key locations in the U.S. This review included a thorough benchmarking of key industry competitors and the impact of space constraints in some of our U.S. facilities.

As a result of this review, effective July 1, 2019, we will change the way we calculate the "free storage period" for GEN and EXP shipments terminating at the following seven locations:

Effective July 1, at the seven stations listed above:
-- United will hold GEN/EXP shipments without charge for a 48-hour period commencing at 00:00 on the first day after complete shipment arrival.
-- Free storage will no longer be extended by weekends or holidays falling within the free period. Storage charges will begin for shipments remaining in the seven listed facilities after the free period shown above, regardless of which day of the week the free period ends.

Notes on this change:
-- Daily storage rates will remain at current levels: $.10 per pound/$.22 per kilo per day, with a minimum $40.00 storage fee applicable to the total (not daily) charge.
-- This change in free storage period for GEN/EXP shipments was previously implemented in EWR and JFK (on November 1, 2018), and this policy remains in effect in EWR and JFK.
-- This change applies to GEN and EXP shipments, and does not impact United Cargo products (e.g., TempControl) with separate storage policies.
-- The current policy for calculation the free storage period will remain in effect in all U.S. locations except for the seven new and two continuing locations cited in this announcement.

If you have any questions about the changes described above, please contact your United Cargo Sales Representative or our Cargo Customer Contact Centers. As always, we greatly appreciate your support and your business.

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