At United Cargo, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service possible. Occasionally, our service may not live up to your expectations. This information will assist you in receiving efficient resolution to any shipment claim.

Claims are generally submitted for two reasons.

  1. Failure to adhere to the service parameters of a particular Performance Guarantee
  2. Loss or damage

Submitting a Performance Guarantee claim (or Tariff Refund)

If you have experienced a service failure, which entitles you to a refund because of a Performance Guarantee (applies to EXP, QuickPak and PetSafe® shipments), the following policies apply:

  • Performance Guarantee claims requests must be submitted within seven days of the promised time of availability.
  • Tariff refund amounts are based on the weight, rate, and tax, where applicable.
  • Fuel surcharge, freight processing and any accessorial fees are not refundable.
  • United Cargo EXP shipments must be paid in full before a refund claim can be processed.
  • Tariff refunds are valid on flight movement only, not on the time the shipment is available at destination.
  • If a trucking segment is involved in the routing, the EXP service guarantee applies only to the flown segment(s) in the itinerary.

Submitting a Performance Guarantee claim is easy:

Submitting a loss or damage claim

As with any transportation service, at times damage or loss may occur. Before a claim can be processed, all transportation charges for the shipment involved must be paid. The amount of the claim may not be deducted from the charges due, except where the consignee has received no part of the shipment.

In the case of loss, damage or delay of cargo, a Notice of Intent to Claim or Formal Claim must be made to United by the person entitled to delivery. Such complaint must be made:

  • In the case of concealed or visible damage to the freight, immediately after discovery of the damage and at the latest within 14 days from the date of receipt of the cargo
  • In the case of non-delivery of the cargo, within 120 days from the date of issue of the Air Waybill, or if an Air Waybill has not been issued, within 120 days from the date of receipt of the cargo for transportation by United
  • Such complaint may be made to United or to the carrier that performed the carriage during which the loss, damage or delay took place

Get a damage claim form

There are two ways you may obtain a United Cargo Claim form:

Information related to Loss or Damage can also be found in the Domestic or International Conditions of Contract located on the reverse side of the Air Waybill.

Completing a loss or damage claim form

Providing the following information will ensure prompt handling of your claim:

  • Notice of Intent to File – you should provide proof of timely notification
  • A formal claim including (at minimum) a list of claimed items, a general description of the loss or damage, specified by quantity and weight, and the specific amount being claimed
  • Copy of the master air waybill (MAWB) and relevant house air waybill (HAWB)
  • Copy of the original invoice for the lost or damaged goods, notating the specific items claimed
  • Packing list recording the quantity and weight of the items in each box
  • Photographs illustrating proof of damage (if applicable)
  • Certified report of Survey, Destruction, Salvage and/or detailed invoice for Repair
  • If applicable, proof of payment to consignee, a credit memo, or other supporting documentation regarding financial impact or loss
  • Subrogation Letter (if applicable) - Authorized by an entitled party to the MAWB, designating you to act on their behalf and in their interest

Claims for loss or damage, or notice of intent, should be submitted via email to:

Status of a claim

Upon receipt of a claim, an acknowledgment letter with a claim number will be forwarded to the claimant and an investigation will be initiated.

To inquire about an existing claim, contact us to request the status.