Declared Value of Carriage

In the event of loss or damage, the declared value of a shipment provides coverage over and above the standard limits of liability. Liability is based on the weight of the piece(s) involved in the loss or damage. The claim payment will be subject to proof of value of the goods, as well as negligent handling on the part of the carrier.

Exclusions - The policy does not cover loss or damage caused by:

  • Inherent nature of the shipment
  • Loss of market from any cause
  • Act or omission of the shipper, owner, or consignee
  • Nuclear contamination
  • War risks, insurrection, rebellion, revolutions, war or usurped power
  • Seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulations

Premium – The rate for both domestic and international shipments is $.50 per $100.00 of value or fraction thereof, over the free coverage which is based on standard limits of liability.

Declared value for carriage coverage is not offered or is limited for the following commodities:

  • Shipments of valuable cargo ($25,000 - $250,000 USD requires special handling and approval)
  • Live animals
  • Perishables (cannot exceed $25,000 USD per air waybill)
  • Human remains (limited to the cost of the casket)
  • Those commodities likely to deteriorate or perish due to climate, temperature or exposure, regardless of shipper’s release of liability
  • Used equipment or electronic goods, or goods with pre-existing damage (i.e. goods being returned for repair)

Valuation charge is subject to federal transportation tax (intra-U.S. only).

United Cargo complies with IATA’s standard limits of liability for shipments. You will find our standard limits of liability for intra-U.S. freight in the Conditions of Contract included as part of United’s intra-U.S. air waybill. For international shipments, refer to our International Conditions of Contract included as part of United Cargo’s international air waybill.