How to ship with United Cargo

Shipping with United Cargo is easy. Follow the steps below to take advantage of our industry-leading shipping products:

  1. Login

    My cargo provides registered users with easy access to detailed tracking information and booking capabilities. To log in to My cargo, enter your username and password from the home page. If you don't have a username and password, you will need to register.

    Some shipments, such as animals, blood, tissue, animal semen, small packages, hazardous materials and human remains, have unique requirements and cannot be booked online. Please contact us for additional information.

  2. Check availability

    Check availability allows you to see if there is space available on intra-U.S. and international flights and truck routes. You will need to enter specific information about your shipment so we can give you a list of available flight choices that can accommodate your shipment.

    Once you find a suitable flight, you can make a booking.

  3. Make a booking

    If you know the specific flight that you wish to book for your shipment, you can bypass Check availability and make a flight-specific freight reservation. You will need to enter specific information about your shipment to check if the flight has available capacity. If we can accommodate your shipment, you will receive your confirmation number.

    If you are shipping a QuickPak just drop your shipment off at a United facility.

  4. Create air waybill

    An air waybill is the shipping document required for all shipments. You can create an electronic version by entering your unique stock series number at the time of booking. United air waybills can also be obtained at any United shipping location. For information regarding addresses and hours of operations, please refer to station information. For assistance, see our online air waybill preparation guides.

  5. Generate bar code label

    The air waybill bar code label is a label that is printed and applied to each piece of cargo that you ship with United Cargo. The bar code label is typically generated at the time you tender your shipment.

  6. Track shipment

    From the time you tender your shipment until 24 hours after delivery, you can check the shipment’s progress in the tracking section of My cargo. Additionally, individual air waybill tracking is available from every page on the site.